Abu Dhabi Tour, Burg Khalifa, & dinner at the Armani

Yesterday was soooooooo long and exhausting. I didn’t sleep much, if at all, the night before. We started the day with an hour and half drive into Abu Dhabi. Our first stop was the Ferrari track. Disappointingly, we didn’t have enough time to really look around and take pictures. Well not as many as I would have liked. It would’ve been fun to visit the roller coaster rides and mall but time was limited. It was crowded as I expected. 

From Ferrari world, we headed to the fourth largest mosque in the world. It required a certain dress code so we decided to wear abayas. The mosque was soothing and pretty quiet in relation to the number of people there. The architecture is awesome. 

From the mosque, we headed to the museum to learn more about Shiekh Zayed, the first president of UAE after its formation in 1971. Below is one of the cars driven by him. 

After that we headed to get something to eat. Nothing impressive. We make the ride back into Dubai and have dinner at the Armani hotel before touring the world’s tallest building, Burg Khalifa. 

Dubai has been great. I’m up now blogging and preparing for this 15 hour flight back to Chicago. Then I have to make my way back to Atlanta so I can get back to real life! 

Happy Monday from Dubai! Thanks for vacationing with us! Praying for safe travels! 


Sharjah Emirate Tour & dinner cruise

I started my day with a hot, humid four mile run. It was the highlight of my day. Literally! Today was very underwhelming and lackluster. The Sharjah tour was educational but definitely not what was expected. We visited the Museum of Islamic Civilization and learned a lot about the religion of Islam as well as the emirate of Sharjah! 

We also visited the vegetable and meat market. Why? I’m not really sure. It’s not like we could buy the food to take back to the room to prepare. 

After a much needed nap, we headed out for the dinner cruise. While it was better than the last two cruises we’ve gone one, it didn’t wow me. The food options weren’t the best. We were cute though. 

Afterwards, we decided to do a little rooftop action at another hotel. Nothing to blog about. We then headed to a 24 hour store to purchase souvenirs. And now we are back in the room. Tomorrw is the tour of Abu Dhabi, Burg Khalifa Tour, dinner, & gelato! 

Happy Sunday from Dubai!

Beach & Safari Desert Day

Whew, today was a struggle! Getting adjusted to the time has been an epic fail. I feel asleep around 8 AM local time and needed to be up by 9. I woke up at 9:42. Rushed to get dressed and headed to the beach. We went to Kite beach which isn’t far from our hotel. 

Beach bumming at Kite Beach

After about an hour and half at the beach, we decided to come back to the hotel to eat and rest up for the six hour Safari tour. And I definitely needed it. 

We headed out for the tour around 3 PM. We were split into groups of six. Our SUV driver was Joe. 

Wild, Untamed, & Insane! #SistasInDubai
Us with Joe! He was an awesome driver!
Delon & Cathy’s creations! 😍😍

We began the tour with Dune bashing. Let me tell y’all I was terrified at first but after a while I was okay. One lady in the vehicle with us was legit terrified. The men driving the vehicles are very good at what they do. I have no idea how they drive on the sand like that. I was relieved when we made it to the top which was our destination. 

We made it!
She was too happy!
She was happy too!

From dune dashing, we went to Arabian Nights campsite for barbecue and more activities, which included camel riding, henna tattoo painting, and belly dancing performances. 

This guy was amazing!
Camel riding!
Belly dancer
Our table.
Henna tattoo before they dried.
Arabian Nights Campsite

Today was less activities but just as adventurous. Tomorrow we have a city tour and dinner cruise. Happy Saturday from Dubai! 

First full day in Dubai!

Today has been hella busy. I started my day with a flat, easy three mile run. It was refreshing and not as hot as I anticipated. 

We did a half day tour of Dubai, particularly Old Dubai. Our first stop was Jumeirah Mosque – the oldest mosque in Dubai. 

We then headed over to Dubai museum to get an idea of Dubai from the 1930s until now. I won’t overwhelm you with all the pics. I’ll share only a few. We learned so much about the history and culture. We have tours scheduled for two other cities later. 

From the museum, we made a brief stop at the beach. Pretty sure the tour guide said it was a man made beach. The highlight was the hotel that’s pretty much made of gold. Not all of it but a lot of gold can be found in the hotel. 

From the beach, we visited the Spice Market & Gold Market. Both were crowded! Too congested for my liking. The spice market sells all kinds of spices (duh), chocolate, fresh squeezed juices, and a plethora of other items. And the gold market sells gold. Lots of 18K or more gold. I didn’t purchase any gold but I did purchase camel milk soap so we will see. 

Crazy that as we walked the streets of Old Dubai we were constantly being called the Obamas because we are black & American. 

After a quick lunch back at the hotel and a much needed nap, we head to the Dubai Mall! It’s the largest mall in the world and I would argue the busiest. It’s overwhelmingly big. Not much you can’t find in the mall. Lots of high end stores and reasonably priced stores as well. Not only that but it’s plenty of entertainment too. Oh yea, the mall closes at midnight. We spent five hours and didn’t get through but a third of it. 

The highlight for me was the was the water show at the fountain. I also enjoyed the aquarium, virtual zoo, and underwater zoo. While I enjoyed it, it’s definitely overpriced. 

We also got pics of the tallest building in the world, the Burg Khalifa. 

Finally, we enjoyed gelato and headed back to the room. We decided to play games tonight so we played headbands. It was hilarious but a great end to long day. Tomorrow we have the beach & desert safari. 

Happy Friday from Dubai! 

Flight – 13 hours & 23 minutes! 

Hey y’all! I’ll pop in with brief updates! So, this 13 hour and 23 minute flight wasn’t too bad. There were at least five crying babies. No exaggeration! And at least one of them was ALWAYS crying. So, for 13 hours and 23 minutes there was a tiny human under 25lbs crying. I actually felt bad for the parents. 

Outside of that the flight was bad. It wasn’t many people on the flight so we ended up with extra room. Apparently, I slept through dinner, snacks, and breakfast. I’m told from the picky sister that the food was good. I had my mouth set for some cod too. I was just happy for a fish option. 

Anyway, we land, deplane, and get through customs with no issues. Well Trice and I did but Tan not so much. We find our driver and head to the hotel. We are staying at the Hilton in Al Mina. Nothing impressive about it. And I mean nothing. We are close to a lot of things though. 

Now, it’s 2:37 AM and I’m up looking crazy. We have a 6:45 wake up call. Today, we have a tour scheduled and we are headed to the Dubai mall. The next post will have pics! Happy Thursday from Dubai! 

Come vacation with me! 

Hey y’all! I hope all is well! I would like for you all to join me while I take a much needed vacation. For the next seven days, I’ll be vacationing in Dubai. And I’m going to share my experience by blogging as much as possible. I hope daily I can share pics from our adventures and share experiences with all of you. 

I’m vacationing with my sisters Tan & Patrice. We’ve made it a tradition to take an international vacation bi-annually. Dubai is the destination this year. I’m so excited minus the 13 hour & 40 minute flight! Anyway, we have lots of stuff planned and I can’t wait to share with y’all. The weather is warm and it’s expected to be sunshine all week. Lots of fun & memories are to be made! So join me! Or us I should say follow my blog posts as we enjoy the experiences ahead. 

Limo ride to O’Hare
Sister and I
Sister and I

Three Years Natural – What a Journey!

Hey y’all! It’s been a while! I would love to give you all an update on the happenings in my life but I’ll do that in another post! Today, I want to talk about this natural hair trend and my three year journey. 

I’ve seen an article making its rounds on FB suggesting that women with natural hair suffer from low self-esteem. Each time I read the article I think the same thing… This can’t be further from the truth. Let me give you a little insight on my natural hair journey and my opinion on the matter.

I’ve been natural for three years. I WAS NOT very confident in the beginning of my natural hair journey. I was insecure with the way my natural hair looked for the most part. Especially in the early stages. It looked so unkempt because it was. I went through the braid phase and crochet install phase.  Don’t get it twisted I will still rock both styles but now it’s for pure convenience as opposed to my insecurity of my natural hair. Hell, my hair is braided now for my upcoming vacation. 

Being natural requires a certain kind of confidence as you are going against what society deemed the norm.  The looks and the stares can be unsettling. At least for me it was initially.  However, my problem was I did not know how to take care of my natural hair.  All my hair training & skills were learned with hair that was relaxed.  So, when I became natural I was dealing with foreign hair. Literally! I had never had to deal with my hair in its natural state. And y’all my hair is so thick. My hair density is crazy. 

Why did I go natural? Well, I wanted less chemical because the chemicals were really hard on my hair with all my physical activity.  It also meant that I could rinse the sweat out of my head, reducing build up and possibly fungus. I’ve had a head fungus and it’s no freaking fun. Thankfully, I didn’t lose my hair but it was awful. 

The more I learn about my natural hair and the better I’m able to take care of it the more I fall in love with it.  For me, being natural required a certain level of confidence.  One were I don’t mind the stares or the sly remarks from family & friends about how they liked my hair so much better when it was relaxed. I still have bad hair days though. I haven’t mastered a wash and go yet. I would have a head full of hair if I stop cutting it. 

In my opinion, natural hair isn’t just a trend. I’m happy to be on the journey with so many women. I learn something new everyday about my natural hair. Today is my three year anniversary and I’m dedicating ten minutes to YouTube to learn something new! 

Right now, here are my favorites for my hair. The wooden detangling brush and comb is a life saver. Shea moisture leave in conditioner is helpful. Finger coils are my go to style. Coconut oil is the oil I use but I’m experimenting with other. 

And I’ll be honest I don’t really have a regimen. You would think I did after three years but I haven’t mastered it yet. 

My go to style! Thankful for finger coils!
A few months into the journey!
Sponge brush style!