An Interview with the talented recording artist, songwriter, and producer Deli Rowe

An Interview with Deli Rowe, Recording Artist, Songwriter, and Producer

The soulful, talented Deli Rowe shares her experiences as an independent recording artist, songwriter, and producer.

We all can relate to music.   There’ a quote, “When you’re happy you enjoy the music.  But when you are sad you understand the lyrics.”  However, when you a recording artist, songwriter, and producer you get to experience both the enjoyment and understanding of the music. Check out Deli’s interview as she shares her experiences and gives advice.

Tell us more about yourself and the services you provide?

My name is Deleyse Rowe, but I go by Deli Rowe. I’m a recording artist, songwriter, and producer.  I’ve been singing all of my life and started traveling internationally with a gospel group at age 14.  My solo independent career started to take flight about three years ago.  I have recorded three extended play projects, which have reached all over the world. As a songwriter & producer, I offer opportunities to create original music for artists and businesses that have a desire or need for the art. In addition to that, I also perform my original music all around the country as well.

What sparked your interest in becoming an independent recording artist, songwriter, and producer?

I’ve always had a love for music, even from a young age, but when I graduated college, it really took some time for me to understand the music business, what I could offer, and most importantly, how to market & brand my services & art. Once I figured out what I was strong at (which is important!), then I figured out a business plan to set myself up to stand out in a highly saturated music business.

What three pieces of advice would you give to college students want to become entrepreneurs or chase their dreams?

My three pieces of advices are 1) create a plan; 2) be your biggest fan – network, invest, and brand yourself; and 3) Always follow your first mind.

What three skills are needed to be successful in pursuing your dreams?

1) You’ve got to have drive.  No one will work harder for you than you will for yourself.   2) Invest in yourself.  You’ve got to be willing use your OWN money. Investors are great but you’ve got to put up money too. 3) Be organized and keep records of EVERYTHING!

What have you learned from some of your failures?

My failures have made me wiser.  I’ve learned that I actually needed those mistakes to get better.  Failure is one of the driving forces behind me wanting to get better. Don’t be afraid to fail; most of the time that’s the best thing for you and best way to learn.

What are your greatest fears and how do you manage fear?

I think one of my greatest fears is not achieving the things that I‘ve always dreamed of.  Honestly, I never thought about how I would get there.  I always thought that as long as you’ve got a great voice, you’re a shoe-in, but it doesn’t work like that. It takes A LOT of work, time, and effort. Another fear of mine is time: wasting it and/or staying beyond my time in a particular place, job, situation, whatever it may be. Time is a struggle for a lot of us to understand but I just try to trust in when my time will come and work towards that. 

What motivates you?

I’m motivated by family, my love for music, and my drive to be a successful business owner.

How do you define success? Do you consider yourself successful?

Success equates to peace of mind for me. If you’re at peace with your self, then I’m able to fully commit myself to my work, causing me to succeed at it. Another definition of success for me is being able to support myself with my art.  Regardless of what level or how much notoriety you may have, I believe that we’re given gifts not to just sit on, but to impact the world with.  If I’m able to be successful at that, then I’ve accomplished my mission.  

What is the best way to plan for long-term success?

Set goals for yourself. I set annual goals for my physical, spiritual, musical, & financial aspirations. But I also set long-term goals as well (5 year, 10 year, etc.) I even adjust them quarterly if I need to. But having a plan in front of you always sets you up for success. Also I am ALWAYS reading something…whether on my phone or my iPad, or my laptop, educating yourself should be a top priority.

How do you build a successful customer base?

Your business will ALWAYS come down to branding and marketing.  How can you reach the people you’re selling to? It’s all about finding a reason for people to need your product or service.  Then figure out a way to get it to them. I use social media of course, email marketing, and because I’m a recording artist, live performance all are great ways to build my customer base. Don’t neglect being in front of the people. 

What makes you happy?

I love travelling which allows me to explore and gain new life experiences. I also enjoy simple things such as a day in the bed watching Netflix. I always love visiting my family and I have a love hate relationship with exercise.  Sometimes, I hate to do it but I love the way it makes me feel afterwards.  I also love the energy I get from a good workout session and I find that I’m more energized and creative.  Energy and creativity is a good recipe for great music.  

Do you find social media helpful in your business ventures? How so?

Social Media is free advertisement.  The key is utilizing it correctly and no abusing it.  I can’t tell you how many recording jobs I’ve received from people who’ve seen my videos, so it has DEFINITELY been a great help to me businesswise.

In one word, characterize your life as a recording artist, songwriter, and producer.


Where do you see yourself and business in ten years?

In 10 years, I see an international business.  I will also be collaborating and working with artists of all genres, writing original music that will have an impact on the world in a positive way, creating passive streams of wealth from the gifts God gave me. I see myself in a place where I have the choice to be in the studio all day or on the road all year…but it will be my choice, because I’ve worked to have that choice. I see me with multiple streams of income, not only in music. I see myself healthy, wealthy in mind, body, soul, & wallet, and at peace with God, my family, and life.

Make sure you connect with Deli on all things social media via the links below.  Also if you are interested in any of her services, contact her via her website: Deli Rowe. Thank you Deli for allowing me to interview you! I look forward to witnessing your prosperity in the years to come! #Boss Conversations #IndieArtist #SoulfulMusic #Producer #Songwriter


Deli Rowe

Deli Rowe







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