Lover’s Remorse

New to the blog but old to me! Thought I’d post at least one poem this month!

Lover’s Remorse

I was better off window shopping
There was no real commitment in that
At first glance, I knew I had to have you
Nicely packaged with no warning labels
No instructions either but I’m a quick learn
I got caught up in all that you had to offer
Never realizing that it all came at an expense
Disregarding the price tag that came along with all of this
Still I opened my heart to you
Let you go deep within me
Physically, mentally, and emotionally
You spoke at me on so many levels
But you never spoke to me
The guilt of settling for less than we both deserve
That’s the issue now
It’s not that I regret loving you
But I fear we’ve made the wrong choice
With hearts on the line
And happiness at stake
We probably should’ve skipped that first date

-Xan Tucker


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