Interview with Ejiro Erogbogbo, Founder of The Purpose Fit

An Interview with Ejiro Erogbogbo, Founder of The Purpose Fit

Wellness guru, Ejiro Erogbogbo shares her experiences as a wife, wellness guru, and entrepreneur.

We all strive to or have at some point to live a healthier fit life.  Yet, we sometimes fall short or will start out great and life suddenly get in the way. We all know that the key is finding balance but tell that to life as it comes from all different directions. Wellness guru, running coach, wife, and entrepreneurial, Ejiro knows all too well how finding balance is key to a purpose fit life. Check out her interview on her fit journey and entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Tell us more about yourself and the services you provide?

I’ve worked in the wellness world for 9 years and I studied exercise science and health promotion in graduate school.  My experience lies in the workplace wellness, campus recreation, and non-profit spaces. Teaching and planning health promotion programs is my thing. I stay plugged in by doing some corporate contract work to provide health assessments and coaching to their employees. My business, The Purpose Fit, was created in 2015 because it’s always been my heart to help my sisters lead healthy and purposed lives. Our mission is to empower women to prioritize wellness (physical, mental, and social) so they can rock their purpose and goals. I do this through one-on-one coaching, hosting quarterly events, digital resources, our Shop, and more to come! I’m super passionate about wellness & women’s empowerment and it’s been cool to see how God’s woven them together in the work that I do.

What ignited your spark to create The Purpose Fit?

Wellness is often placed on the backburner as we pursue our goals and take care of our families/responsibilities. Yes, adulting is busy, but I believe we can be busy and healthy. Society praises good looks and achievement, but doesn’t always like to focus on the dedicated effort it takes to get there. In my life, the seasons that I made my well-being a priority were the times I felt strongest and did my best work. Also, there are many facets to my life (Black, Nigerian, Christian, suburban, etc), and prioritizing wellness has empowered me to own my unique story of characteristics. I want to help other ambitious women own who they are too. I want them to know they’re gems and worth all the effort. The purpose fit > the perfect fit when integrating wellness into our busy lives.

What three skills would say are needed to be successful in pursuing your dreams?

Self-motivation, because not everyone will understand your vision or have the right words to say to push you forward. Resourcefulness, because the ability to use what you currently have will take you far. Communication, because you influence people most with your gifts/talents when you genuinely connect with them.

What have you learned from some of your failures?

I’ve learned not to pursue things that don’t support my goals and well-being. I must be willing to say, “No”, be different, pivot, stand for what I believe in and/or sacrifice when needed. I’ve learned that mistakes don’t define me and my re-defining of the word failure has been a game changer. It used to always paralyze me, but now I see it as a necessary stepping stone towards greatness.

What are your greatest fears and how do you manage fear?

Fear of rejection can still get to me. I love people and want positive vibes with all those I encounter, but that’s not real life. I’m not for everyone and everyone isn’t for me. And that’s okay. I manage the fear by remembering God gave me a message to share and it’ll resonate with the women who need to hear it from me. Before I share/post anything, I try to put it through the “intent & impact” test. What’s my intent in posting/sharing and what impact do I want to have? If my answer is from genuine place, I’ll take a deep breath and put it out into the world. I trust God to handle the rest.

What motivates you?

When I look back on my life at 80 years old, I want to fondly reflect on how I used my gifts to help women love themselves and make things happen. I want to know I did my part in making the world a healthier place. Doing my best for my family and leaving a legacy of love, joy, strength, and wisdom also keeps me going.

How do you define success? Do you consider yourself successful?

I love Maya Angelou’s quote about success.  It says, “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” If you are happy with who you are and way you’re impacting others professionally and personally, that’s success. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished thus far and I certainly consider myself on my way to success as a woman in business.

What makes you happy?

Whether it’s hanging out at home or date night with my husband, hosting and spending time with family, or catching up/hanging out with my girlfriends, quality time makes me happy and fills my tank. As we get older and busier, it’s always a treat when something fun is scheduled in the calendar.  Running, reading, and journaling are three of my favorite solo activities. They’re crucial to my well-being and self-care. Gotta practice what I preach. Business wise, I love helping my clients take progressive action towards healthier and more confident living and seeing them succeed. Connecting with ladies at events and receiving feedback (praise and constructive comments) via email also makes my day.

Do you find social media helpful in your business ventures? How so?

Social media is very helpful in my business. It allows me to connect and share with my community as well as be introduced to wonderful new people. It’s amazing how social media makes the big world so small. I’m thankful it’s an avenue for future clients to find me and for collaborations and other opportunities to originate. I try to stay efficient by focusing on the platforms that bring the most engagement.  Currently for me, it’s Facebook and Instagram, but it differs from business to business. As helpful as social media is, it can become harmful really quick. I must maintain enough self-awareness to know if/when I’m falling into the comparison trap or I’m getting blinded by the shiny object syndrome. That’s my cue it’s time for a break.  Fortunately, programs like Hootsuite allow me to schedule posts so I don’t have to be “on” all the time. I also try to limit my daily consumption. Social media isn’t anywhere anytime soon, so it’s wise to figure out how to make it work for you and not against you.

In one word, characterize your life as a wife, mom, community activist, and entrepreneur mogul.


Where do you see yourself and business in ten years?

In ten years, I pray that hubby and I are navigating the wonderful world of parenthood together and I hope to have collected more stamps in our passports. Professionally, my dream is that The Purpose Fit grows to be an organization with international influence. As God leads, our events and resources will bless and inspire women to own their unique story and rock their goals, in health and in life.

You can learn more about Ejiro and The Purpose Fit via her website: The Purpose Fit  Make sure you stay abreast the latest news, events, and merchandise by following The Purpose Fit on social media Facebook & Instagram.  You can follow Ejiro’s balance life of wife, wellness guru, runner, and entrepreneur and if you are interested in any of her services or collaborating make sure you contact her.

Thank you Ejiro for allowing me to interview you! I’m excited about the prosperity of The Purpose Fit! #Boss Conversations

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