Reflecting before 34… For the younger Me! 

For the younger Me…
I’ve been told most of my life that I’m an old soul and I will agree. Being an old soul doesn’t make me any wiser, experience does that. We either learn from our own experiences or the experiences of others. Either way, experience is the best teacher. As I approach 34, I reflect on the experiences that have given me wisdom. Some of my wisdom I learned early on and some came with some hard lessons. If I could tell the younger MEs in the world anything, I’ll give them what I have found to be pertinent advice. 

1) Go out in the world and be YOU! Legally, responsibly, and unapologetically. 

2) Love without conditions. Love humans. Just love period. 

3) Don’t let boys be mean to you. Mistreat you. Disrespect you. 

4) Read! Read a lot! Read books, magazines, articles, blogs, etc. Just read!

5) Manage your money and your credit. Do this early on and it’s one less stress. 

6) Travel! Travel to different places abroad and stateside. 

7) Be spiritual rather than religious. 

8) Have an opinion but be open-minded to others’ opinion. 

9) Don’t live above your means. Act your wage and spend responsibly. 

10) Choose experiences over things. Things depreciate and experiences are yours forever. 

11) Invest in yourself. 

12) Learn to enjoy your own company. Be your own friend. Hangout with yourself. You’ll learn more about yourself and you will appreciate that. 

13) Know that only a few things are on a timeline. Two important ones are: the moment & being happy. Seize the moment. The time to be happy is now. All else will happen in due time. 

14) Don’t be a YES girl! Not at home. Not at work. Not in relationships. NEVER!

15) Have friends that are good for more than just hanging out. 

16) Have a friend/mentor that’s at least ten years older than you. You will learn to appreciate their wisdom and candid conversations. 

17) Respect marriage. Respect singleness. 

18) Write. Write a lot! Rambling thoughts. Poems. Short stories. Novels. Blogs. Doesn’t matter. Just write. Your soul will thank you. 

19) Love your body. Exercise and enjoy it! Make it fun. Your health and confidence will thank you. 

20) Learn how to cook. Cook often and try new recipes. 

21) Set goals. Be stubborn with your goals but flexible in achieving them. 

22) Know that life will ALWAYS throw curve balls. Bend but don’t break. 

23) Communicate. Express yourself. No matter the emotion make it known and address the individual(s) privately. 

24) Know your worth. NEVER be the side chick. 

25) Have friends of the opposite sex. Be mature enough to have platonic friendships. 

26) Learn to negotiate in all areas. But know your non-negotiables. Learn to say NO!

27) Learn to forgive and love from a distance. Both are important in your overall growth. Forgiving doesn’t mean let them back in to cause the same hurt.

28) Be willing to compromise when necessary. 

29) Don’t apologize when you don’t mean it. 

30) Be fearless! Pursue your dreams. 

31) Skip college if you don’t feel like it’s for you but NEVER stop learning. 

32) Find your purpose in the world and walk in it. 

33) Enjoy love. Dismiss society’s ideals of what your love should look like or how it should function. Do you. Love in a way that warms your soul and keep the butterflies in your stomach. 

34) Love boys with tattoos, bow legs, motorcycles, and black jeans! 😜😝🤣😉 Ok, that’s just my preference. 

35) Seriously, live your life and love it!