Pursuing dreams can get lonely

Hey y’all! I want to have a candid conversation about recent observations.  Many of you know I just published my second book, Conquering Love, and I’ve made a lot of observations since publishing my first book and now the second.  Pursuing your dreams can get lonely.  In all honesty, sometimes it requires isolation or what feels like abandonment at times.  I look around and the friends I expected to be supportive are not as supportive as I thought.  I’ve taken time to make observations and I decided I could get hung up on who’s not supporting me the way I support them or I can be grateful and thankful for those that are supportive.  I chose the latter.  I’m learning that pursuing your dreams can be lonely.  I’m also learning that it means I’m serving my purpose. As I isolate myself from people and things, I find myself at peace and more focused on my upcoming projects.  While it has been confusing and hurtful, I’m understanding the process and enjoying the progress.

Let me be clear about something though.  When I mention support I’m not only speaking in the context of purchasing a copy of my books.  I have friends that haven’t even liked my author FB page yet they’ve liked everything else under the sun.  I have friends that won’t share a post but will share someone else’s foolishness to my timeline.  Support comes in many different forms.  As I continue to learn and grow, I say pay more attention to those that support you and not the ones that don’t.  However, don’t be oblivious to the fact that there is no genuine excitement.  Support those individuals who support you.  Work diligently to pursue your dreams and know that it may get lonely from time to time. It’s important to surround yourself with like-minded, supportive individuals.  Build a team and keep positive vibes.

January will begin the interview series with some very talented dream chasers! Make sure you tune in as they share their experience and learn more about their products, services, and/ or events!

-Xan Tucker


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