I ran my second marathon and HATED it! 

I ran my second marathon on Saturday and I HATED it. I ran the Solider Marathon in Columbus, GA. The race itself wasn’t bad. The distance is what I hate. Here’s a quick recap of pre-race events for me. I’ve been battling muscle spasms and migraines. One alone is awful but both together is torture. Anyway, I fell maybe a month ago. It was a pretty dramatic fall and hard. It took my leg forever to heal but it still hurt. (A bruised bone so they say) The week of the marathon things just didn’t get better as it would seem. An eye exam revealed I had an unknown object lodged in my eye. Ugh, how? Why? When? I get it removed the next day. I visit the chiropractor, Dr. Glass, for my back and leg pain. He’s skeptical about me running a marathon with so many issues. I think he already knew I would run it anyway. So, he gives me exercises and stretches to do in hopes of feeling better. Friday, one day before the race, I go out for a shake out run. Besides, it’s been eight days since I last ran. I’m only doing 2.62 miles. Cheesy I know. All is well until I’m almost done and I fall. Like really fall AGAIN! I skin my ankle up which means I fell on my ankle. How? Why? Lord, why? Dr. Glass clears me to run the entire marathon as long as I feel good at mile 10 (the half and marathon split). I run errands and get to Columbus later than I would have liked. Get my race packet, check into the hotel, grab a bite to eat, and stop by WalMart. 

Race morning. My nerves are all over the place. Oh wait, my ankle hurts from the fall yesterday. It’s good running weather. Line up and take off. I start with the 4:30 pace group. That was a little too ambitious for me. The pacer was moving faster than the required pace. All is well with me until mile 10. The split left me lonely and I started to hurt. Everything started to hurt. By then my ankle was throbbing. My back was hurting. My leg was hurting. My hips were on fire. Like what the heck. I had 16.2 miles to go and I was going to finish them. I didn’t want to finish but I had too. Mile 14 I was totally over the distance. I met this nice guy Keith and we decided to run the rest of the race together. He was in just as much pain as me. Unfortunately for us. We run for as long as we can and walked through the aide stations. My back wasn’t having too much running. We switched to walk run intervals. It sucked. I enjoy running. Nothing against my walkers but I like to run. I compromised. I had to. Keith and I motivated each other. We finished right under 5:30… Major thank you to my family and friends for the motivational texts while I was struggling to finish. If I could, I’d share my medal with y’all. You definitely deserve it. Thank you all so much!

Initially, I was disappointed but I got over that. 26.2 miles is a lot and to do it injured is more than a lot. It was a struggle but it got done. I’m a marathoner because I’ve run the distance but the distance isn’t for me. I’m great at 13.1 miles. I have two more marathons and then I’m retiring. 

I ran my second marathon and HATED it! But I’m running two more. 


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