It’s been a while… Too Long!

Hey y’all! It has been a while and in all honesty too long! I’ve been doing a lot though! Marathon training (AGAIN) after I made a vow to never run another one. I know but I’m trying to redeem myself from the last one. I’m only four weeks away from my second marathon and I’m excited but nervous.  I’ll blog about my training and race day experience afterwards. Life has been happening and sometimes at a speed that makes my head spin. My maternal grandmother passed and it still seems surreal. It happened so quickly but we are managing day to day. Love is still somewhat complicated and unexpected things tend to happen to make it that much more complicated. *le sigh*

I have a new self-published book – Writings from the Soul. The official release date was September 2nd. So, it’s been about six weeks now. You can find more information about the book and all my other upcoming projects via my website: and/or my Facebook page: Author Xan Tucker. I could write on and on about the book but I’ll give you time to browse the website and Facebook page.  Make sure you order your copy of the book and spread the word.  My novella series will have the first book release in late November or early December.  It will be a great stocking stuffer!

I’ll be introducing a new blog series really soon and I’m excited to bring women together to discuss some pressing topics! Happy Reading! I’m back!

-Your Next Favorite Author (Xan Tucker)



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