The adventures of turning 33!

I turned 33 on Thursday and it has been adventurous.  If I have learned anything in my young 33 years, I have learned that life is what you make of it. This year I decided to do things outside of the “normal birthday turn up”.  I wanted something yet challenging and I got just what I wanted.

Friday night I participated in the Atlanta Moon Ride. It was a six mile bike ride through downtown Atlanta.  It was more like a festival in Piedmont park with live music, vendors, drinks, etc. The bike ride began at 11 PM.  It was hillier than that expected for a good ride for sure.

Moon ride

Saturday I participated in my first duathlon (running, biking, and more running). This required me getting up at 4:30 AM after making it home from the bike ride at 1:30 AM. Can you say sleep deprived? The duathlon was advertised as a 5K (3.1 miles running), 13 mile bike ride and a 1.5 mile run.  However, the bike ride was only 10 miles. I finished the first leg of the duathlon (5K) in pretty good time and transitioned to the bike ride. My transition was slow and I was slightly confused but I got on my way. The bike ride was fairly easy after I navigated all the individuals on the trail. The last leg of the duathlon (1.5 miles running) was the toughest.  The transition from the bike to running was challenging. Clearly, you could tell I was an amateur because I forgot to take my helmet off or the last leg of the run. That explains the odd looks. Oh well, I finished and was happy about it.


Sunday was the most challenging of all activities. I participated in the Hotlanta Half Marathon and this race stay true to it’s name. It was HOT! HUMID! And there were plenty hills. I never say I won’t do a race again but this is one race I don’t think I will EVER do again. I’m thankful for Run Fam and their cooling towels, cold water and encouragement! I got it done a lot slower than I would have liked but all three activities were worth the challenge and fun!


I’m blessed beyond my wildest and I expect 33 to bring more adventures and challenges my way! Thank you all who helped me celebrate, wished me well, and encouraged me along the way! Much love!


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