Not the Runner or Traveler but the WRITER!

Let me introduce you to the other side of me. Not the running, traveling, lipstick wearing me but the late night thinking, creative writing me. I’ve been writing for more than twenty years.  More than half that time I didn’t share my writing and didn’t keep track of the things I had written. I’m a little more open now than I was back then so I share poems every once in a while for folks that may appreciate what I write.  I’m an emotional writer (good and bad). However, I like writing poems because there’s no right or wrong way to do so. I don’t have to worry about grammar, sentence structure and all that other jazz that can be cumbersome. I just write and what goes on paper is right (in my eyes anyway)!

My Writings

My writing is the entry to my soul… The pain and hurt that was untold…The fear and love that I never exposed!

My writing isn’t for the shallow or weak… It’s for those who don’t mind going deep… And a better understanding is what they seek!

My writing is the little ray of hope… The creative way I cope… Uniquely me because my soul is dope!



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