Officially a biker? 

Today has been exciting as I completed my first organized bike ride. Let me give a precursor of events before the bike ride. My night was eventful. My home alarm went off about five minutes before midnight. You talking about nerve wrecking. My motion sensor detected movement downstairs. Yep, there went my peaceful night of sleep. Then I’m scrolling through my emails at midnight and see I have an unauthorized charge at a Las Vegas Walmart. Seriously? How does this happen? 

With very little sleep, I make my way down to Auburn, AL which is about an hour and half from Atlanta. On the drive down my water bottle flies off my bike. Damnit! How did I forget to put that darn bottle in the car. The show must go on… Bo Bikes Bama is happening with or without a water bottle. 

Actual bike ride: The 60 milers started at 8 and the 20 milers (my group) started at 10:30. Before each group began, Bo Jackson gave a “speech” or words of encouragement. In addition, Lance Armstrong and Brett Favre were there too to ride off with the 60 milers. Where the hell was Cam Newton? I heart him! 😍😍 Anyway, the 60 milers take off and I have time to kill. I charge my phone, snap pics, and just chill out. Then it’s the 20 milers time to ride out. 

Bo thanking the riders for their support! More than $1M raised in the last five years. More than 500 homes rebuilt. Two serenes installed and eight community storm shelters.

The route was hilly but not too difficult. There were a few hills that had me rethinking my possibility of a duathlon soon. We rode through a gorgeous neighborhood nestled in one of the most serene picturesque surroundings. But you know what took away from the serenity? Those darn hills. It was cute because the kids had lemonade stands and all that. I wonder if they knew I was having a Beyoncé like moment in my life? 😂😂😂 I joke… Just a little anyway! 

I get to the turnaround point, halfway mark and I feel great despite the disrespectful hills. While I make reference to the hills, I shouldn’t leave out the fact that there were downhills as well. On the way back, I cursed every downhill that I was now traveling up. I wanted to finish in 1:30 but I finished in 1:33. Needless to say I felt accomplished but under accomplished. I know I wasn’t ready for 60 miles but I would’ve considered a 40 mile option. However, I can say I’m officially a biker now. Another bib and t-shirt! I’m sure it will be more to come. 

I’m officially a biker! The next ride will be a little more challenging!
Bike ride swag! They did t have any more small shirts. It’s a large. 😔


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