Runcation… Running Cruise!

Last week I embarked on a new running journey! To kick off my international running tour, I signed up for my second marathon. Really it’s my third but we all know the first one  was a bit of a disaster & didn’t count as it wasn’t 26.2 miles. Anyway, I’ll be running the Solider Marathon in Columbus, GA.

On Sunday, I ran the A1A Publix Half Marathon in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The weather wasn’t too bad but I definitely wasn’t prepared. I survived and managed to make it to the beach for a little fun afterwards. Sister was at the finish line to capture my unladylike moments. LOL!


Ocho Rios, Jamaica 5K! It was challenging as heck! The first two miles were easy, breezy! The last mile was the worst ever! We ran up Mystic Mountain on rocks and whatever else! I was so excited to see the finish. I will say the highlight of this race was having Dick Beardsley cheer us on the last 400 yards or so.  If you haven’t heard of him… Google him! Boston Marathon 1982… Second place with a time of 2:08:53… His story is amazing and his book is an easy, page turning read.  Okay back to the race! My finish time was 37:33 for a freaking 5K but I placed 27th overall. Let me say it was only 143 runners but I’m still proud that I finished! Thankful sister was at the finish line to capture the moment!

Day 1

Grand Cayman 3 Miler! This race was a lot less challenging than Ocho Rios! Again, the first two miles were easy. The last mile was challenging only because it was brutally hot and hardly any shade. I’m not sure of my actual finish time but it was under 29 minutes which is still slow for my average 3 mile time. Sister was able to capture my finish line moments again. The highlight of the race was finishing at Smith Cove (a small “beach”). I definitely enjoyed the Cayman run!

Day 2

Cozumel, Mexico… Not quite a 5K but an amazing run and experience! The temps were way better than Jamaica & Grand Cayman. It was still hot but not as hot. This was my favorite race. Although this wasn’t an “official” race, the crowd support and course was amazing! Everything about this run was a highlight. Cozumel treated us like royalty.  They had government officials to welcome use to the country.  I enjoyed everything about the race and post race activities.  Beautiful scenery and all… Again, sister captured my finish line moments!

Day 3

Costa Maya, Mexico! More than a 5K but an amazing race. Costa Maya is such a beautiful place and the weather was great. The race seemed easier than the other three and the course was very scenic. We finished at the beach where a portion was reserved for our private party. Sister captured my finish line photos again and I’m forever grateful. I decided this race would be a great time to wear my letters. 💙💙💙 El Fuerte food and drinks were awesome.

Day 4

Awards Ceremony… I dreaded it. Honestly, I just wanted my medal and hoped it was a good one. This awards ceremony was everything I didn’t expect it to be. AMAZING! UPLIFTING! TEAR JERKING! INSPIRATIONAL! ENCOURAGING! MOTIVATING! It wasn’t boring and drawn out. It was meaningful and fun! A major thank you to Kim, Craig and their team! Big shout out to BGR and all the amazing women I met on this trip! Triple shout out to my sister for being such a great supporter, photographer, and anything else I needed her to be during the trip! You are an awesome big sister! Many thanks and I can’t wait to run with you next year!


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