Almost a marathoner but not quite

It’s been such a long time since I blogged but Saturday’s events are blog worthy! I’ve trained for 18 weeks and put in 520 miles in an attempt to become part of the one percent (marathoner).  My nerves had been getting the best of me for a couple of weeks but I was ready.  I drove down to Savannah, GA on Friday, November 6th, picked up my race packet and checked into my hotel.  Oddly, picking up my race packet eased some of my anxiety about the race.  I knew it was no turning back at that point.  So, I do my usual pre-race prepping (carb loading).  I found this restaurant close to the hotel Sweet Tea Grill (STG) which has really good food.  They were runner friendly.  They offered pasta meals and 10% off for participating in the race.  GREAT! I eat and I eat a lot. I feel amazing.  Get back to the hotel and chill out.  I get ready for bed around 10 p.m.  I know I won’t sleep the whole night but some rest is better than none.  I wake up at 2:45 a.m. I was just wide-eyed and bushy tailed.  I call Richard to see where he is and we chat for about 40 minutes.  I attempt to fall back to sleep to no avail.  I get up and start moving around at 4 a.m. I eat more than usual… PB&J, banana, pickle spears, turkey bacon, and a protein bar. Ugh, I’m not an early morning eater yet I make it happen.  I feel wonderful. Richard gets there in time to get me to the start with plenty of time to spare.

I line up at the start line and I’m in my zone.  I’m ready. I trust my training. I deserve to be a marathoner.  These are just some of my thoughts.  Before long, we are off.  I’m like in 4+ hours I will be a marathoner.  My phone was buzzing the entire time I was running.  I had awesome folks cheering me on and tracking my progress throughout the race.  My leg begins to hurt shortly after mile 10 but nothing I can’t handle.  THEN at a little over 16 miles I’m told the race is being cut short.  Why? The race directors felt the unusually high temps were dangerous. I LOST all motivation.  All I could think about was 18 weeks of training and 520 miles of pavement in vain.  I still won’t be a marathoner when I close the finish line.  I cried. I was angry. I was disappointed.  I even felt like if I was faster I wouldn’t be in this situation.  It was one of the worse feelings ever. I felt defeated and it was to no fault of my own.

What Savannah taught me though was to be stubborn with my goals and flexible with my methods.  While I would love to have become a marathoner in Savannah, I didn’t.  I deserved to become a marathoner in Savannah but I didn’t.  I also will not let 18 weeks of training go to waste.  My goal is to become a marathoner in 2015.  With that being said, I will line up at the Nashville Marathon start line on Saturday, November 14th.  Nashville isn’t the ideal place for my first marathon but I’ll take a challenge.  Savannah taught me to be stubborn with my goals but flexible with my methods of reaching my goals.  Just know once I become a marathoner I will be rocking my Savannah Marathon Finisher jacket as well… I deserve at least that much!

My prayers and thoughts are with the families who lost loved ones.



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