One Year Later… Home Ownership

I can’t believe it has been a year already! Time has flown by so quickly! This first year of being a homeowner has been interesting.  It hasn’t been too bad.  It was overwhelming at first but all seems to be well now! 🙂  Sometimes, I still can’t believe that I’ve actually purchased a home.  I’ve made some changes.  Anyone who has been to the house will recall the ugly pink and gray carpet downstairs. Well, it’s GONE! THANKFULLY! Laminate hardwood floors have been installed.  And I’ve painted downstairs, my master bedroom and partially painted the laundry room.  I learned quickly that it is so easy to start a project and not finish.  I don’t want to be that person but it’s easy to do.  I’ve bought new light fixtures to switch out but it hasn’t happened yet.  I’ve bought the new handles and knobs for the cabinetry in the kitchen and that hasn’t happened yet.  I’m slowly decorating and stuff.  So much of my excitement has to do with me doing a lot of the work myself.  It’s not perfect… Actually far from it… There are paint splatters in places they shouldn’t be. 🙂 But I’m happy to know it’s been personalized with my touch… It reflects my personality! I’m thankful for all that have bought gifts, given me things and/or visited.  This past year all of you have helped me create memories and I’m sure there will be more created!  So, I’m inclined to show my progress of mi casa! I’m sure more will come later because there is a lot more to do!  Before and after photos of the “conversation room” and “family room”


“Conversation Room” The only items I had to purchase for this room were the pillows and the rug.  All others were gifts! 🙂 I hated that pink carpet in this room and the dining room.  Conversation Room

The “Family Room”… It looks so much better than what it did originally.  Thanks to the BFF for giving advice on different accessories.  She’s my go to person for decorating…  While, I wasn’t too fond of the gray carpet it was more tolerable than the pink.  Happy it’s gone too.  Those white walls gave me the blues… The gray makes me smile! LOL!
Living Room



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