General Tips for the Novice 5K Walker/Jogger/Runner

How to Successfully Complete Your First 5K

Running has its benefits.  It’s not an easy task but with time it becomes more and more enjoyable.  As a runner, I have enjoyed the following benefits.  I’m healthier (probably the healthiest I’ve ever been). I’m more disciplined.  I’m more self-motivated.  I’m more confident!  I feel like I’ve found my passion.  However, I haven’t always felt passionate about running.  There are things I wish someone would have shared with me before running my first 5K.  I’ve gathered the top five tips (in my opinion) for a novice 5K runner.

Preparation is important.  Train for your 5K like you would study for the LSAT! Be dedicated and self-motivated.  In the beginning, you should be running for endurance and not speed.  In running to get better, you have to do more of it. So, don’t be discouraged if you aren’t as fast as you would like to be.

Running form is extremely important.  Proper form is half the battle.  There are various running sites that can demonstrate proper running form.

Proper running gear is important.  Make sure you have the proper running shoes (get fitted, pay the extra money for comfort).  Your feet and the rest of your body will thank you.  Make sure you have proper running clothes i.e. running tights, shorts, etc.  You want clothes that you can run comfortably in and trust it makes a difference.

Find a routine that works for you.  You can’t compare your running journey to that of anyone else.  Everyone’s journey is different.  I wish someone would have told me that what works for one person won’t necessarily work for me.  I could’ve saved myself a lot of time.  What do I mean? Some people eat the morning of a race and others don’t.  Decide what routine works for you and go for it.

Trust your training! Own your race! Enjoy race day! Make your first 5K and every race afterwards fun and enjoyable! Never outrun the joy of running! On race day, remember YOUR RACE, YOUR PACE! Take in the scenery, enjoy the moments and celebrate the accomplishment! Cross the finish with a smile on your face! Happy Running!

Bio: I’ve been running for a few years now.  I’ve completed several half marathons and one international half marathon.  I’m currently training for my first marathon.  I’m a recently RRCA, Certified Running Coach.  Running is my passion and sanity!  It’s my therapy!  Feel free to check out my Facebook page:  You can hit up my inbox if you have questions or if you are interested in my training program. Happy Running! ~Alexandria

5K Pic First First 5K Finish


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