2015 Goals…

As we bid a farewell to 2014 and welcome 2015, I wish you all prosperity, happiness, success, and peace! I’ve seen a lot of statuses on Facebook making fun of everyone who will be posting 2015 new me statuses.  Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with the statuses.  Who are we to make fun of someone for having the desire to be a better person.  Now, that isn’t to say some of things are a little outlandish.  I’m just saying we should practice building people up rather than tearing them down.  You shouldn’t expect to see a 2015 New Me status from me but I have 2015 Goals that I will accomplish.  Each year I set goals for myself and work diligently throughout the year to achieve them.  I hardly ever achieve all of them but the majority of them get done.

I am speaking abundance, prosperity, happiness and peace for 2015 over my life and the lives of others.  I am excited about what God has in store for me.  I’m getting closer to fulfilling my purpose.  Hard work and sacrifices are necessary to make things fall into place.  But here’s a brief look at what I plan to accomplish:

  • Reduce debt and increase savings (sacrifices)
  • Career change or at least a more challenging position that will allow me to utilize my talents
  • Run eight half marathons (sacrifices and hard work)
  • Run a marathon – I’m already registered for the Savannah Rock & Roll Marathon (more sacrifices and hard work)
  • Become a certified run coach – I finally got into one of the classes (hard work)
  • Get my home in order – finish the cosmetic stuff (sacrifices)
  • Relationships (sacrifices and hard work)
  • Kick start I AM HER *AGAIN* (hard work and consistency)
  • Kick start GOALS, Inc. (hard work)
  • Copyright all my poems and novellas (I don’t know how to categorize this)
  • Travel to Rome – I’m  beyond excited (sacrifices – saving all my change b/c September will be here before long)

May you end 2014 with optimism, motivation, and blessings.  May your 2015 remain that way.  Dream big! Work hard! Be consistent! Be persistent! And achieve



2 thoughts on “2015 Goals…

  1. So I am all about new year new me statuses as it shows people are trying to change and grow. I’m sure you will accomplish all your goals this year. I need to pen my goals as they are all running wild in my head….. Are you able to be a run coach long distance?… I’m excited for the relaunch of I am her and lookin forward to learning about goals inc.


    1. I am all about people bettering themselves as well. I’m going to work really hard to achieve them. LOL! Yes, write your goals down so you know it’s real. I always wanted to say that. LMBO. Seriously though I’m excited about this run coach certification. I’m sure I can send you training stuff via email…


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