2014 in Review… Happy Holidays to You & Yours!!

I’m not sure how to sum up 2014! It has been emotional, adventurous, tiring, trying, liberating, gratifying, scary, painful and some more! I had a lot of firsts! In no particular order, I will review… I ran my first international race! Niagara Falls Women’s Half Marathon! It was totally amazing and a great course to run if you want a scenic route but also want to PR! I’m sure I’ll be back. I’ll make it my biannual tradition! I also got to hangout with my LS in Toronto! It was an awesome time! I turned 31…My first time doing that but I’m sure it won’t be my last! Lol! 😉 I purchased my first home! The process was overwhelming and tiresome. A lot of the process was taking place while I was trying to enjoy my vacation in Canada. 😔 Needless to say, it got done. I closed on Monday, June 30th and moved all in the same day! There are still cosmetic things that I need to do but I love my house. I’m not the best at decorating so it has been challenging so far. But I’m going to make it happen. Being a homeowner has been awesome yet overwhelming and honestly I don’t think I was totally ready for the responsibility. I am still surviving. I find it amazing how God places certain people in your path to provide what you lack! #thankful So more on running… I PR’d on my last half marathon for 2014. My official time was 2:00:23! Still not a sub two hour but I’ll take it. I’m praying for a sub two hour in 2015! I’ll detail my running goals in 2015 in a later post! Stay tuned! Love life… Let’s say there is a pinch of hope… I get butterflies and have the most infantile grin on my face from time to time and other times I question everything. I take three steps back when I’m sure I should be taking two steps forward! I’m impatient, too independent, opinionated, headstrong, stubborn, non compromising, and spoiled but I’m also loyal, caring, compassionate and worth the hassle! I’ve been really chill but I’m not sure if it’s coming off as nonchalant or me not caring… There’s hope only because I believe there is. I have a lot of work to do but I’m constantly improving! He gives me hope even if it’s not with him. 😍😘😉☺️😊 That’s all I have on love in my life! Needless to say, I’ve fallen in love with my Gracelynn! I have a dog! I can’t believe it! She’s precious and bad as heck! Hopefully, she doesn’t get too big and have me terrified later. She’s a pit so she’s playful and people don’t know how to handle her! I love her!

I know you are thinking that my 2014 seems to be pretty enjoyable so far and it was until… August 1st. Life changed! My heart still hurts and my soul still cries. It’s not something I can explain but when you lose someone that’s like a brother to you it isn’t anything I can put into words. All I know is I will trade all my 2014 highlights to have him back. I know it’s not what he will want but I would give all those great & awesome memories back to have him here with us! You are missed and loved Corey Deshuan! All in all, I was kept and blessed in 2014 and for that I’m thankful! Happy holidays to you and yours! May they be filled with love, joy, peace and happiness. May you enter 2015 with abundance, prosperity and happiness!


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