Grown Up Purchases…House Buying & Ish! Repost from 8.14.14

Grown Up Purchases…House Buying & Ish!

First off, I have totally missed blogging.  Life started happening so quickly and then I was consumed.  Oh wait that sounds like an excuse but it’s really what happened.  Here’s a quick update on what I’ve been doing… Running and working out of course.  Running has been my saving grace.  I traveled to Canada to run my first international half marathon <– blog coming soon.  I celebrated my birthday and had a blast… Then I bought a house! *SIGHS*I guess I really grew up quickly.  Nothing has made me feel more grown up than signing my name on 90+ pages of documents.  So, it really wasn’t my intention to purchase a house so soon and quickly.  I’ve been waiting for a good time to purchase but I never really thought it was a good time.  So, it went like this… On the phone with a friend and we’re talking about an associate of hers that’s a loan officer.  I give her a call and she tells me I’m pre-approved. What the what??? Really??? Then my process began.  I wasn’t being picky or anything like that I was still amazed that I was even considering.  My first realtor sucked…Like she was horrible! So, she got left behind.  My new realtor was awesome.  She lined up more than enough showings and quickly.  I had already made up my mind that I didn’t want to be house poor so I had a set amount I was willing to pay regardless to the pre-approval amount.  I was on a tight deadline… My lease was up on my apartment on June 30th.  So, I had about five weeks to make something happen.  Then I traveled to Canada and everything happened…

Needless to say, I closed and moved in one day! I LOVE my house… It’s a little too much space but I’m loving making it MINE!  These little DIY projects are not really my friend but I’m learning to cope.  I spend a lot of time in Lowe’s and other places.  So, expect pictures to come sooner rather than later… Before and after pics!  In the meantime, here are a few things I learned.

~Be realistic about your money will buy you
~Know your must haves and what you can compromise one
~There will always be unexpected things
~The small things add up
~Research your neighborhood or area
~Plan for everything and anything to happen during the process
~Enjoy your new house…Make it yours!



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