Random Writing… Repost from 4.3.14

Day 3 – NaPoWriMo (Living with a Heavy Heart)

With all the recent deaths, I got to feeling a certain kind of way.  I’ve been here…Living with a heavy heart!Things can happen so fast
Making it impossible to return to your now past
You know something that shakes you to your core
Making you believe you can’t take any more

Have you ever heard your soul cry?
Or ever had a piece of your heart die?
It’s not something you want to feel…
But it’s what keeps us human even if it’s surreal

The pain of missing someone every day
Searching for words but never having anything to say
It’s not an easy task living in pain
Hoping and praying you can stay sane

Your heart aches and your soul cries
Making you want to say permanent goodbyes
But that will only cause more pain
And that really is insane

Finding peace is the key
And that’s the only way your happiness will be…
It’s hard living with a heavy heart
But know it won’t always be this dark

Alexandria Walker
April 3, 2014


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