Random Writing… Repost from 4.2.14

Day 1 – NaPoWriMo

I recently learned about NaPoWriMo from one of my Sorors.  I’m going to try to see if I’m creative enough to write something each day of April.  I may get behind in posting but I’m giving it a try…  This poem doesn’t have a title but I wrote it yesterday…He is affectionate, loving, and caring
You know the kind that makes you open your heart to sharing
It’s easy to walk in the park hand in hand
Making you proud to call him your manHe’s attentive to your needs and encourages your dreams
You throw caution to the wind and does what seems
To be right and give him your all
His smooth talking will eventually be your downfall

He spoils you with surprise gifts and trips
He makes it hard not to believe everything that falls from his lips
You visit every romantic place
Only to one day have them haunt you with his face

He didn’t come with a warning label
Actually, he was welcomed at the dinner table
He was the dream chaser, money maker
And the ultimate heart breaker

He made you fall in love with him
Just like he did the rest of them
A smooth talking, hand holding brother
The type that’s encouraged by your mother

Alexandria Walker
April 1, 2014


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