Random Writing… Repost 4.2.14

Day 2 – NaPoWriMo (Lost Girls)

A World of Lost GirlsI’m often referred to as the lost girl
Only because I’m consumed in a materialistic world
I don’t have much focus these days
You can tell by my actions and unacceptable ways

I tried walking by faith and not by sight
But I everything I did seemed wrong and far from right
It is so easy to get lost in this world
Much easier if you are a misguided girl

I wasn’t raised this way
My behavior and the things I say
I used to be that adorable, sassy little girl
Now, I’m lost in a cruel, heartless world

I’ve always had BIG dreams
Only now they’ve changed to go along with my materialistic themes
Naive, I didn’t stand a chance in this cold world
I gave my soul now I’m just another lost girl

Alexandria Walker
April 2, 2014


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