Runners’ History! Inaugural Summit Repost from 3.10.14

Runners’ History! Inaugural Summit…

Today, I had the pleasure of attending the Inaugural Summit for Black/African American Running Groups in Metro Atlanta.  The summit was held by South Fulton Running Partners.  What makes this history.  South Fulton Running Partners is the oldest Black running group in the United States! It was such a great experience to be apart of history.  I had no knowledge of the other running groups in Metro Atlanta.  There were 200+ Black runners in attendance and it was more than exciting.It’s always a good feeling to be in the company of others who respect the fact that you are a runner but more importantly who are just as passionate about running as you are. I think what was more important is that they all looked like me.  Well not really but you get my drift.  They were Black like me.  You talking about combatting the stereotypes that “we” don’t run.  Haha! This event did that.  We had individuals who had run marathons in all fifty states, the Boston Marathon several times, and so many other accomplishments.  I love how the running community can come together and celebrate what we are so passionate about.The summit was a platform for Black running groups to gather, network, and run together.  We enjoyed a nice, hilly 4.2 mile route.  Once we returned, we received a medal, photo op, food, and socialized.  Of course, when it’s more than two people it is ALWAYS a party.  They were turnt up.  LOL! It was a great experience and I’m happy to have been a part of it. Did I mention it was FREE?! Yep, it was free!

I’m thankful for the SFRP for paving the way 35 years ago! I’m proud to be a runner and especially proud to be a Black Woman that runs!  The groups that were in attendance: South Fulton Running Partners, South DeKalb Striders, Black Girls Run!, Black Men Run, Savannah Pacers, Running Nerds, National Black Marathoners, & Urban Running Group.


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