My Apology… Repost from 2.18.14

My Apology

I wrote this post two years ago. Unfortunately, there are many more names to be added since then. Sadly, not much has changed since then. Actually,things only seem to be getting worse but what exactly are we doing to change these things? How are we coming together to protect our Black men and children, hell our black communities in general? Initially, I thought I had a lot I wanted to share on this topic but I’m not sure I’m ready to voice how I feel because I’m not really sure how I feel. There’s a lot of work to be done on both sides of the fence and I’m not sure we are ready for that type of work. Many of us like to look busy and involved but few of us are busy and involved. How many of us volunteer and mentor in the neighborhoods that are saturated with at-risk kids or “the hood”? When was the last time we spent time in “the hood” trying to make it a better place? Let’s be clear this isn’t to place the blame on any of us. Wrong is wrong. Murder is murder. All I’m saying is that we must get busy changing our circumstances and stay involved in those things that matter (mentor, volunteer, interact, and pray for our black communities, especially our kids and men).

I am apologizing because they are the Trayvon Martins, Richard Shermans, and Jordan Davis of the world as well. Once again, Florida shows us just how much they value the lives of our Black children.  How a man is found guilty of  three counts of attempted murder and the jury can’t decide if he’s guilty of murder is beyond me… At any rate, I wanted to write about it.For my brother, nephews, nieces, Godson, and unborn child(ren), I’m sorry your life is valued less than your Caucasian peers! I’m sorry that you can’t walk to the store in a hoodie to get a soda and a bag of skittles and not be seen as a threat.  Let me apologize in advance if you happen to be in the wrong neighborhood but it’s really the right neighborhood and get profiled as a “thug”! Let me apologize now if you happen to be passionate about something and express your feelings and you are called angry or an idiot! I’m sorry that it’s not safe for you to ride with your friends and do teenage things like ride with your music loud and listen to that hip hop song. Let me apologize now if you happen to do things that some teenagers do. See my children you are held to a higher standard than your peers but then you’re really not. It’s like you are expected to behave a certain way and when you screw up your consequences will be far greater than others. While some will view you as less human and important, you should know that you have a slew of us who see you for what you really are worth! Priceless! Your life is important! You are important. Please don’t let the media or anyone else depict things any differently! When I look at you I see greatness! All of you are our pride and joy! Just know that you may have to work a little harder, walk a more narrow line in life, make fewer mistakes and avoid the negative stereotypes that are frequently depicted by others. Your greatness can not and will not be defined by the mediocrity of our society! I apologize for those that blazed paths before you and even me only to see them being snatched away slowly! Let me be the first to apologize on behalf of this judgmental society who can’t seem to view our differences as assets! Let me be the first to apologize for any ignorance that you may experience as a Black child in this world. Not everyone will view you as less than human or important but for the ones that do I apologize! You should know that you are a rare commodity and you are way more important than they are willing to admit! You are feared because you are strong, intelligent, resourceful, and one of a kind. People often fear what they do not know or can’t relate to. They can’t relate to you because they don’t know our struggles. They don’t understand your values! Always let them only see the strong, intelligent side of you! Let them know that you know you can not and will not be defeated! Let them know you will not live in fear because they do so! Again, I apologize as a sister, aunt, Godmother, and future mother for the lack of value that some of society has placed on your life! Just know that you don’t need the consensus of the masses to prevail and be great! You were born great! And we shall ensure that you stay on your path to greatness! With love and prayers,

Alexandria (Sister, Aunt, Godmother, & future mother)


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