Race Day…Better Late than Never. Repost from 10.17.13

So, this post is hella late for several reasons.  It’s race day and I could barely contain my excitement and nerves.  I think my nerves were getting the best of me.  The night before I tried to make sure I had plenty of carbs and lots of water. I didn’t eat anything that had the potential to make me sick.  Early in the day, I had rice & peas, broccoli, and cabbage.  Later I had a veggie pizza which I think was a good choice as my last meal before the race.

Anyway, it’s race morning and I have my sidekicks with me.  I absolutely love my brothers, even the little monster! They are so supportive in a different way. *rolls eyes* For breakfast, I had a banana, piece of toast with peanut butter, energy bar, naked green juice, and water.  Sounds like a lot but I wanted to make sure my body was fueled properly.  I go through all the rituals and we head out to the race route.  I meet up with BGR, talk, take pics, and line up at the start line.  All I kept saying over and over in my head is trust your training.  My iPod is ready to go… My song at the starting line is BIG KRIT, “You Got This Here”.  And off we go…

My thoughts:

Mile 3: It’s a nice day and I’m glad I switched out of that long sleeve shirt my momma wanted me to keep on.

Mile 6: We are almost half way there.  Hey, why is that guy on his way back already and we are just at mile six. Looks at my running buddy and we both shake our heads.

Mile 8: Dang, it doesn’t seem like we’ve been running for eight miles.  I may actually be able to do this.

Mile 9 – 11: These damn hills are so ridiculous and too close to the end of the route.

Mile 12: Only one more mile and I can do this.  Let me pick it up a notch or two. Looks at my running buddy and she’s like I’m not going to be able to do this.  Oh no, you’re my motivation.  Come on…

Finish line: Oh my goodness I DID IT! Looks at time and gets sad.  It says 2:17 something… Damn it, I wanted to finish in 2:15 or less.

I find my folks and I’m about to pass out…literally.  I need those cookies, that water, gatorade, and whatever else is available.  Amazingly, I wasn’t sweating too badly.  Then my brother tells me that my time should be under 2:15 since the announcer said to take about four or five minutes off your time. And indeed it is: 2:12:55. I’m happy all over again. My knee was hurting like hell and my hips.  My knee was worse though.

It was the most amazing feeling in the world.  I ran a half marathon…nonstop! Of course, I’ve already made plans for my next one and contemplating a full marathon in 2015. 🙂 To think, I ran my first organized race (5k) in March of 2012 and here we are in October 2013 and I’ve run a half marathon! Proud, excited, and ready to do it again.

And I got my sticker for my car! 13.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m a half marathon runner.  Then after my race I all but died…I got sick with E.Coli & my usual change in weather crap and I’m just bouncing back! I haven’t run in two weeks and my sanity is on the line.  Today, I’m officially off doctor restrictions and can resume physical activity.




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