Dating in 2013 – Too much of this and not enough of that! Repost from 10.31.13

Dating in 2013 – Too much of this and not enough that!

Attempting to date in 2013 is not what I expected.  Not that I have much experience with dating period but this ish sucks royally.  Here are a few observations from my stint in the dating world of 2013 & from chatting with a few friends who are dating as well.

There is too much BS to filter through.  I mean you have men (at least this what they refer to themselves as) out here trying to date but will have a family at home. *confused face*  I just don’t get it.  If you are that unhappy, you should change the situation.
People don’t know what they want (friendship, dating, relationship, etc) so they can’t realistically let you know what they want from you.  They will say one thing but their actions reveal something completely different.
People are no longer trying to get to know you.  They either want to only communicate via phone or they always trying to screw. (Almost unfiltered.  I wanted to say the other word but my Momma may read this post and I would hate to hear her mouth.) What happened to real dates? Granted I’m not the movie and dinner type of chick but we can compromise. I’m just not seeing that anymore.
They aren’t consistent with their actions.  One minute you doing this and that and the next you are all against doing this and that.  When the person gets accustomed to the good this and that you change it up.
I’m not sure I’m cut out for this dating thing.  Dating is suppose to be fun and exciting.  What happened to people being honest, consistent, and communicating. It’s really that simple. The game playing is too complicated!

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