2013 Running Recap…431 Miles Later! Repost from 12.30.13

2013 Running Recap…431 Miles Later!

2013 Running Recap
I laced up for my last run of 2013 today! For the year, I ran 431 miles! That’s equivalent to me running from Atlanta, GA to Hughes, AR and still having an additional 11 miles to run! This has been an awesome year for running! If anyone would have told me that I would have run more than 400 miles this year, I would have questioned their sanity. If anyone would told me that I would run a half marathon, I would have called them a lie! It’s so crazy how running consumed me in 2013. Looking back I didn’t see it happening but I also can’t imagine what 2013 would have been like without running. It saved me. I always say running saved me from myself. I had some very defining moments during my run. I soul searched, analyzed, prayed, planned, and most importantly I found more of myself. You should never underestimate those moments of clarity you get from running. There’s a saying, “Want to change your body exercise. Want to change your life, run”! This is true! I’ve changed over the last year. I’m more confident & more open with my feelings and others. I’m sure running wasn’t the only contributor to this but it has helped. In September 2012, I ran a 10k. The farthest distance I had ever run. I didn’t run more than that until I started half marathon training. This year I had a chance to run in places outside of Georgia. I ran four miles in NYC, Central Park. It was a wonderful view. Despite the fact that I got lost which is why I ended up with four miles. Lol, my sense of direction is terrible. My thoughts were I’m a runner and I’m running in NYC! I felt accomplished. Yes, I felt accomplished. A small town country girl conquering the pavement in NYC. Then I enjoyed two international runs… Running in Paris was exciting yet creepy! I kept saying I’m running on streets that I can’t pronounce the name of properly. I conquered three miles in Paris! Again the view was amazing but I had a hard time not looking over my shoulder. I kept saying I don’t want to get taken. Lol! I managed not to get lost though! London! I loved it and they have more of a running community. I didn’t stick out like a sore thumb. I ran through the Royal Parks. I conquered another four miles! Oh, this Southern chick was on a mission! Running helps me to function. Those hours of runner’s high are amazing! All of that but nothing compares to the feeling of accomplishment I felt when I crossed the finish line of my first half marathon! Amazing is an understatement! Accomplished won’t suffice! I’ve never participated in sports, cheerleading, etc. So, when I got into running my family was shocked. Of course, they didn’t think I was serious until I kept going and going. My mom and brothers came to my half marathon race. Those were the best 13.1 miles of my life. I was able to reflect on so many things. Mainly how far I had come with running. I don’t profess to be fast and it’s not my goal to be the fastest. I do know I’m stronger than I thought I was. I know with proper training I can push my body to new limits and not regret it. Since my half marathon, I’ve tried to stay in half marathon shape. I run 3.3 miles Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Then I run 6-10 miles on Saturday or Sunday. Each 5k that I ran this year, I PR’d. So, my 2014 year is definitely looking better as I train harder and get stronger! I AM A RUNNER! My race, my pace! Chasing Pavement!


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