When the Hero Becomes a Coward! Repost from 9.18.13

When the Hero becomes a Coward

Sometimes people really aren’t worthy of hero status but they are more like cowards.  Growing up, I would see people in some of the most difficult situations and admire their strength and determination to get through whatever it was.  I would think to myself damn I admire his or her strength.  The older I get the more I realize that some people are only operating in survival mode.  They’re really not HEROS…they are COWARDS too afraid to change their situation or break away.  These are the people you see in the same bad situations over and over!

I notice a lot of people struggling with the same demons (or what have you) but when an opportunity is presented to change the situation they don’t take it.  Why are we so afraid to live outside of our comfort zones?  Why has struggling and not growing become a comfort?  I ABSOLUTELY hate when people tell me it is different when you have kids.  Different as in, it is okay for you to continue to struggle in whatever situation which in turn means your kids suffer.  No it’s not different.  I think it is selfish!
Growing up my mom was my HERO & sometimes she still is! (I question her decision making sometimes these days though.) We struggled but she was determined to make us understand that there was more to life than what Hughes had shown us.  I admired her strength and determination.  I didn’t realize she was being a hero until I figured out the demons my dad was fighting.  He was a drug addict.  Things only got worse as we got older but she held on. The opportunity presented itself for her to change and guess what she did? Changed.  I admired her for that.  Her changed eventually helped him change. He fought his addiction and has been clean for years.  He’s my HERO too! (And I question his decision making these days as well.)  But they both broke away from something that was holding them back.
There are so many people I admired as a child and perceived them to be HEROS.  Now, I’m finding out they are leaning more towards the COWARD status.  Change is necessary if we are to grow! Being stagnant, stuck in the same bad situations, complaining, and avoiding opportunities is not the life intended for us to live.  Life is about overcoming challenges and obstacles, seizing opportunities, and being happy!  Are you straddling the fence of HERO and COWARD?  If so, find that one thing that will tip you into the direction of hero!

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