Adventures in NYC! Repost from 9.12.13

Adventures in NYC

NYC is a really cool place to visit BUT I can not live there.  I love the city life BUT I wouldn’t survive in NYC.  The one thing that would prevent me from surviving is the traffic.  I don’t have the patience or skill set to drive there.  My overall observation is that it was really cool.  Didn’t get to do any sightseeing but I got a good run in at Central Park.  I wasn’t overly impressed with the pizza but I will say the cheese tastes fresher.  So, here’s a recap of Day 1 & 2 on vacation.Day 1: Flight leaves out at 10 AM.  I’m up and ready.  Pretty excited might I add.  I’m sitting on the flight and two eye candies get onboard.  I always enjoy eye candy.  They were sitting a few seats ahead of me initially.  I relax and start to fall asleep.  I’m awaken by sobbing.  I thought I was dreaming but oh no the lady beside me is crying like she had just lost a family member.  So, I’m concerned and all… Her husband is standing beside her and trying to console her. The flight attendant asks if she’s okay and the husband replies to bring her a glass of water.  Anyway, minutes later things seem to have calmed down so I attempt sleeping again.  Shortly after I’m comfortable again, the flight attendant taps me on the shoulder asking me if I mind switching seats with the lady’s husband who was sitting in the first row.  I move up to the first row.  But I’m thinking why the hell weren’t they sitting together in the first place.  The husband thanks me and then says, “you would think after all these years of flying she still wouldn’t cry”.  I’m thinking to myself you would think you would sit beside her to give her some comfort.  Anyway, the eye candies are a few seats behinds me now.  I can hear talking a little too loudly on the flight about working out, etc.  We finally land at JFK. I get my bags and head out to wait on the other two who will be arriving on a later flight.  I’m nosey so I notice just about everything.  Well, the two eye candies are surrounded by men in regular clothes but then I notice that they are being handcuffed.  This really peaks my interest. So, they flew to NYC to turn themselves in… Darn shame.  I spend most of the day at the airport waiting on Tan & Patrice and waiting for transportation services.  Finally, free from the airport and to the hotel we go.  I’m starved at this point.  We check in and head out to explore Times Square.Day 2: I got a nice 4 mile run in at Central Park.  We head out to Times Square again to grab a bite to eat and get last minute stuff for our flight later that night.  We hang out and all that good stuff.  We need to be at the airport four hours in advance since it’s an international flight.  Our transportation services picks us up at 4 pm so we should have plenty of time.  WRONG! We get to the airport a little after 6 pm.  The traffic was horrific.  It took more than an hour to go five miles.  Oh by the way, there was this guy on the shuttle with us who obviously had a bladder issue.  Trust I’m not making fun of him.  So, he says, “I have a favor to ask of you ladies”.  We are like okay… He says, “Do you mind if I go to the back of the shuttle and pee in this bottle? I have to go really badly”. Silence…It was weird and he could have done so without telling us.  Needless to say, he did go in the back of the shuttle in his bottle.  DISGUSTING but I guess wetting your pants will be disgusting as well.  We rush into the airport and get checked in… Only to find out one of our names have been misspelled on the travel documents and of course this needs to match our passport information. Rolls eyes… It was misspelled in the system and not on the actual documents that we had in hand. We got that squared away and proceeded with check in.  We were upgraded to Premier Economy.  We get on our flight and are beyond excited on our upgrade.  Lots of leg room!! They provided each of us with an iPad and headphones to watch movies or whatever.  Free alcoholic beverages with our meal which I opted out of…



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