Post Vacation! Repost from 9.5.13

Post Vacation

I missed blogging while I was on vacation but I’m beyond excited to share my experience with you guys.NYC: We spent the bulk of the day at the airport either waiting on each other to get in or waiting on transportation.  It was a really tiresome day.  We finally made it to the room and began the walking around festivities.  Our hotel was in Midtown and we were in walking distance to Central Park.  I got to run four miles in the park.  I loved it! It was my first non-Georgia or Arkansas run! We didn’t see the usual sights.  We left NYC the next day.  It was the longest shuttle ride to JFK for our flight.  I know I can not deal with New York’s traffic or drivers.  I don’t have the patience or skill set.Paris: The flight wasn’t too bad.  We left at 10 PM so we were pretty sleepy on the flight.  That coupled with those advil PM that I had taken.  We were upgraded to Premier Economy and it was nice.  They provided us with iPads to watch whatever movie.  The inflight meal wasn’t anything I would have liked so I opted out.  We had plenty of room and it was just a good flight.  We got to Paris and the hotel was lovely.  We got out and explored the city a little. I got in a 3 mile run.  My first international run and I was excited. The next couple of days were AWESOME.  Paris is really touristy but the people aren’t as happy as I imagined.  The food was disgusting! Even the bread was disgusting.  The language barrier was frustrating time from time. At any rate, we had a blast.  Sunday night we headed to London.

London: We didn’t like our hotel.  It was nothing like we expected.  We complained and we were upgraded to a Club Suite that really looked like a regular room.  We had to pay 15 pounds per night for WiFi.  That wasn’t in my lifestyle so I opted out of WiFi.  Because we arrived in London so late, we decided to have a drink in the hotel’s bar.  It was cool.  The next morning we got out and went sightseeing.  I love London.  I got in a four mile run in the Royal Park.  Loved it! My second international run.  This black girl runs and travel! Paris has more touristy stuff but I was so comfortable in London.  I think I want to live there for a couple of years.  The fashion in London is better than Paris and I expected it to be the other way around.

Cons of the trip: It really doesn’t feel like a vacation when you are always on the go and not able to relax.  So, we spent a few nights just relaxing and reading books.  We didn’t go to any clubs and I’m kind of happy that we didn’t.  It would have been too much.  The currency conversion was a major downer. For every $1 we converted, we received like .72 Euros.  So, I passed the lady $100 and received 72 Euros.  Anyone who knows me know the look that I gave.  But the British Pound was even more concerning.  If I had given the lady $100, I would have received 62 pounds or less.

Pros of the trip: It really was an experience of a lifetime. The memories will last forever. I can’t wait for our next international trip.  I will provide day by day details later.  This post is already long enough! Make sure you travel the world and explore other cultures!


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