My Inexplicable Attraction! Repost 8.3.13

My Inexplicable Attraction

Okay, this is how it happened to me… I woke up one morning *thankfully* and BAM I was attracted to white men.  When I say I attracted I mean like really attracted. I’ve always noticed if one was cute or what not but to be totally attracted and turned on by one was unusual even for my lil’ fast ass! I’m not sure what has me eyeing the blond hair and blue eyes but it has been an adventure to say the least. Blond hair and blue eyes are just cliche by the way.  I don’t discriminate…

Then my attraction was intensified when I went out and saw HIM! LOL! I literally was like a magnet drawn to him for reasons unknown. I literally could not take my eyes off him.  Thankfully, he didn’t notice me staring.  I would have been beyond embarrassed.  Anyway, we finally made eye contact and I was a GONER! Anyone who knows me fa’real knows I like to flirt.  I flirted but I didn’t do my usual flirting with him.  He sent a round of shots over for me & the girls. All three of us agreed he was FINE! We took our shots and watched him watch us. LOL! It was my bright idea to go on the other side of the bar where he was standing.  And we sashayed over…But the two traitors I was with left me alone with this strange, SEXY WHITE MAN to go dance.  Who does that? LOL! I love those two! What I found out is he’s a flirt and I’m a flirt.  This is all bad.  He’s TOXIC! I’ve been crushing every since… He’s uncharted territory… So, I wrote a poem about it.  I didn’t have any other way to express my feelings… Let me know what y’all think.

Uncharted Territory

Not my typical attraction…Yet you’re the total package

One glimpse and my desires were anew…It’s the drinks…I’ve had a few

I sit and ponder…Letting my eyes wonder

There’s something that won’t let me pull away…I’ve found my predator…And I long to be your prey

Not my typical attraction…But I’m pleased beyond satisfaction

It makes me uncomfortable to be so comfortable with you…When all of this is new

I’m with a familiar stranger…One that radiates danger

Not in the sense meant to scare…But meant to challenge and make me dare

Not my typical attraction…And not my typical reaction

I’ve gone astray…I didn’t expect to feel this way

My path is no longer clear…Yet I’m not laced with fear

I’ll do  something I usually don’t do…I’m seizing the moment…And I’m doing  it with you

~Xan Tucker


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