Letting Go of Friendships and Relationships… Repost 8.6.13

Before I turned 30, I vowed to end friendships and relationships that were no longer thriving.  What do I mean?  I mean friendships or relationships that were selfish, one-handed, or ones that I had simply outgrown.  I can’t pretend like I wasn’t reluctant.  It takes me a while to meet new people so getting rid of old “friends” wasn’t at the top of my list.  But as I sat around one day analyzing different relationships I realized I had outgrown a few people or a few people were just downright selfish.  Either way, I didn’t want to keep my circle that way.

What happens when you outgrow a friendship or relationship and you hadn’t imagined outgrowing that person.  My answer was to hold on to it because it was something that I had known.  So, I found myself gritting my teeth as I dealt with the constant selfishness and self-centered ways of the individual(s). Well NO MORE! I am too grown to ALWAYS have to get my straightening on a friend.  I shouldn’t feel tense or unnecessary stress just from hanging around someone.  That’s not what relationships are about.  All this revelation and I still didn’t let the friendship go.  I can’t pretend that the friendship means nothing to me because it does.  Hence me holding on for so long.  But at 30 my happiness is my priority! I’m childless and single… What other priorities would I have besides my happiness… Well, it’s not my only priority but you get my point.

What happens when you are in a one-handed relationship?  What the hell is that?  Well, you know the type of relationship were you are ALWAYS giving and you get nothing in return.  The one where the individual can always call you for advice, help, or whatever they need BUT you can’t get a damn thing out of them.  Well, once again I tried to hold on to it.  But that shit is for the birds too! I was able to let that one go faster than the one I had outgrown.

What happens when you have a friend that is downright selfish? First, you question how the hell y’all became friends in the beginning.  S/he didn’t just turn selfish overnight.  WTH was I thinking? Selfish friends only think of themselves.

My point is letting go of friendships and relationships can be hard but it may be necessary for your happiness! It’s really okay to love someone from a distance.  Everyone isn’t meant to be a permanent fixture in your life.  When you let go of those things and people holding you back you will feel liberated! New! Rejuvenated!


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