Finding My Happiness – Life at 30! Repost from 8.12.13

Finding My Happiness – Life at 30

Some people spend their entire life without finding their happiness! Finding your happiness and having fun are two totally different things.  Fun is temporary and happiness should be permanent.  This isn’t to say that you won’t have those what the hell days but at the end of the day you will be able to find the good in it all!  I’m really finding my happiness and a lot of it has to do with me being focused on what I want, like, and find joy in doing.  I can’t pretend like I’ve been unhappy but I hadn’t accepted my total happiness.  I was in the business of pleasing people.  Worried about their opinions and what not.Before I turned 30, I started to feel liberated.  I was learning more about myself and putting me first.  I’m sort of the go to person in my family most of the time.  It’s great until you start carrying the weight of everyone’s problems on your shoulder.  I needed to find a balance.  I’m still the go to person but I’m no longer trying to force people to do what is logical anymore.  I give my opinion and let them work the rest of it out.  I rest easier at night because I’m no longer worried if this person will do this or that!

I’m enjoying life responsibly! Well, sometimes it’s responsibly.  Sometimes I get beside myself and have moments.  Saturday wasn’t a responsible kind of night but it was fun!  If anyone suffers though, it will only be me.  I do what makes me happy i.e. running, writing, blogging, cooking, shopping, and traveling.  I’m setting goals and becoming a better person each day.  I am finding my happiness because I am focusing on me!

Really quickly, let me tell y’all about the seven mile run on Saturday! It was a killer! My time slick sucked but I was able to run the entire route without stopping.  This does not mean I wasn’t moving as slowly as a snail at some points during the run.  The route we ran on Saturday was part of the course for the actual race.  Can we say hilly?! But I feel like it is something that I can totally do!  Cross-training is very important the next eight weeks.  I was tired but I felt awesome after the race. Pushing myself to become better! I will blog with an update of Half Marathon training later this week!  Until next time, be productive and prosperous!


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