Why Almost Unfiltered at 30? Repost from 7.30.13

Introduction – Why Almost Unfiltered at 30?

First, why is this blog entitled “Almost Unfiltered at 30”?  Well, I realize the older I get the wiser I get. LOL! Seriously, I worry less of what others will think of me, what I do, and what I say.  I’m respectful in what I do and say but I could care less about what others think.  Why is it “almost unfiltered”? The reality of it is we will NEVER be completely unfiltered.  Unfiltered is saying things just the way you think them.  So, no one will ever be truly unfiltered.  At least not the majority of us.What’s the purpose of this blog? The purpose is to talk about everyday life… Relationships, health, workplace, society, people, etc.  Just discussing everyday life.  All sorts of things will come about. I’m not limiting myself to one thing.  Often I see or hear things and I’m like wtf? Oh yea, I’m a curser or “cusser” like my momma say.  Well, I am most of the time.  It’s not to be offensive or due to lack of vocabulary.  It is one of the many ways that I express whatever emotion I am feeling at the time. And sometimes I ramble on about things that really shouldn’t matter.  I’m weird like that but I tried being normal and the ish just didn’t work for me.Anyway, I want to talk about everyday life things and vent to whoever wants to listen.  Here’s what you can expect in the next month or so… Running & fitness, inter-racial dating, my excitement as I gear up for my first out of the country experience, and whatever else I come across on a daily basis. I’m new to blogging so it will take me a minute to get acclimated but it should be entertaining to say the least. By the way, I do not profess to be an expert in any subject but I will give my opinion.  Honestly, most of the time I will just be rambling or asking for your input on things that often confuse me in this complicated world!  At any rate, I want to blog and I’m blogging NOW! 🙂


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