A Runner’s Hair Story!!! Why I Did It…

4:30 alarm goes off… I’m up and at ’em… Run whatever mileage is on the schedule for the day… Head to work… Shower at the gym… Look in the mirror… Silently screams! Ugh, my hair is sooooo ugly!  I can’t do anything with it…. It’s wet from running… Blow dry… Flat iron… And it still looks crazy…. I’m over it!  I’m sure my fellow runners or anyone else who engages in physical activity daily will understand this post.  Running and managing my hair was nearly impossible! Okay, impossible is an overstatement but it was difficult and time consuming.  Braids were convenient but I couldn’t keep my hair braided forever ever…LOL! So, I did the BIG CHOP! Yes, Friday, October 10th, my stylist cut all of the relaxer off – well most of it.  Needless to say, I had very little hair and if I say I wasn’t skeptical I would be lying.  I looked in the mirror and I wasn’t really sold on the look.  My thoughts, “Lord, why did I cut all my hair off?”

What I’ve learned since the BC…

1.  I’m gorgeous with or without hair. Not to sound conceited but I got a lot of negative comments about cutting my hair.

2.  People are ignorant and would say stuff like… Why you cut your hair? You look so cute with the short hairstyle.  Clearly, they were not speaking of my new growth only look. LOL! Or people would say why you cut all your hair off?  You seem too sassy to be natural.  WTF?

3.  All in all, I realized my hair doesn’t make me pretty.  My personality and confidence does.

4.  I know very little about natural hair care but ask me something about relaxed hair and I can write a dissertation.  SMH!

5.  I’ve learned I am definitely my mother’s child.  We look too much alike now.

6.  Having confidence means you can rock any look you want.

7.  My running story is more important than my hair story.  Looking good is from the inside out… I would rather feel good as it leads to looking good! 🙂

8.  I enjoy the look more than I thought and I’m totally amazed at how tight my hair coils… I LOVE IT!

9.  This journey shall be interesting and I’m looking forward to it!

10.  My health is more important than society’s perception of what I should look like.

IMG_0587 (1)


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