You are your own hero! No one saves you but you!!

Who is your superhero?  We usually rattle off a few names like our mom, dad, sibling, or someone else.  But at what age are we responsible for saving ourselves?  What exactly does this mean?  I was having a conversation with a good friend about this and then I log onto FB and see a status about the same thing.  At some point, we have to save ourselves and by this I mean make sure we are okay/good.

We have to be our own hero.  We have to save ourselves from heartache, unnecessary pain, bad decisions which lead to bad situations and so forth.  It’s easy to sit around and wait on your superhero to swing in and save you from whatever situation.  What if he/she never shows up?  Do you wallow in whatever situation and go the rest of your life STUCK? No!  Saving yourself is sometimes harder than saving someone else.  It may be one of the hardest things you have to do BUT YOU have to do it.  You hold the key to your happiness and doing what makes you happy responsibly means you are being your own HERO. SAVE YOURSELF.  As an adult, no one is responsible for your actions, happiness, decisions, etc.  You are your superhero.

The majority of my family and friends will say I’m very independent and headstrong.  I take that as a compliment but I didn’t always.  Trust I know when I need to compromise.  I’ve been doing ME for so long that I’ve learned not to be too dependent on anyone or anything.  I know if I need something done I have to make sure it gets done.  I know my happiness comes from me and not someone else.  I know the decisions I make affect me and will have me in certain situations.  Luckily, my decisions usually only affect me and I don’t have other people directly affected i.e. husband or kids.  My point is you are the only person that can save you.  You have to make a decision that you are worth saving and you are ready to be saved. Be your own superhero…Save yourself.  Make the tough decisions because you are worth it.  These are decisions for every aspect of your life.

So, the next time you’re rattling off names of your heroes make sure you include yourself!



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