I AM HER Challenge…

Let’s kick October off with new goals and something more challenging.  We all know that cardio is essential for healthy living.  Do you get enough cardio?  Do you need to switch things up and challenge yourself? Great! Perfect! We all do.  Visualizing a goal is easy.  Writing it down makes it real.  Sticking with it can be challenging.  Completing it gives a feeling of accomplishment.  Are you ready to run your first organized race? NO! Well, you have plenty of time to get ready!

Cardio Challenge! Already a runner, jogger, or walker? Great, I challenge you to push your limits (safely of course).  Not a runner, jogger, or walker? Great, let me introduce you to the other side.  LOL! The side that creates total happiness, confidence, and leaves you looking FABULOUS!  Here’s how this will work.  I will post weekly tips/advice.  Here is the information for the race.  Website: http://www.littlerockmarathon.com.  The dates are February 28th – March 1st.

I will plan an I AM HER meet-up for Friday, February 27th.  Stay tuned for me details.  If you are interested in personal tips/advice, please send me an inbox on FB or via gmail: xantucker@gmail.com.

For those who have not joined the I AM HER Facebook group, here is a brief description of the group. I AM HER… A group specifically designed for women who are striving to live a healthy lifestyle! HER is an acronym which can stand for Healthier Each Run, Race, Rep, or Regimen! This group is intended to provide the additional motivation and support that we need to stay on task with reaching our Health and Fitness goals. I plan to post monthly challenges and upload videos occasionally. We can tell our success stories and even swap healthy recipes. The overall goal is to create a community that serves as a support system. We all are striving for a healthier lifestyle! Invite your family and friends to join the group as well. Find an accountability partner and make it happen! I AM HER, You Are HER, We Are HER! All striving for a healthier lifestyle!



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