Finding Your Happy… Recognizing your joy snatchers

A couple weeks ago I posted a status on FB on all the things that make me happy.  I didn’t realize how simple I was until I started writing the post.  The simple things didn’t always make me happy BUT that’s only because I felt the elaborate things were needed.  I’ve never been materialistic but I didn’t always appreciate the  simple things in life.  Here is what my post read: Things that make me happy: ~Conversations with MY Ma or Daddy! ~Good food cooked by yours truly! ~Anything running related…new shoes…clothes…pics of others running…or race preparation! ~Hot tea after a longer than expected night! ~Adult beverages and good conversations! ~Good reading material! ~Writing just because! ~Good music! ~Planning and preparation for things to come! I’m so simple that I’m complicated! Happy Sunday Folks! Find your happy and hold on to it! XOXO

Life is much easier when you know what makes you happy and you hold on to those things.  You will actually find what makes you the happiest are those things we take for granted each day.  It’s seldom the stuff that money can buy.  Finding your happy is important but recognizing your joy snatchers is important as well.  Identify those things or people which bring you down and remove them from your life.  Sometimes, the only way to find your happy is to have it temporarily taken away.  You usually don’t miss a good thing until it’s gone.  When I meet new people I explain to them that I’m so simple.  Not simple in the way I think but simple in things that impress me.  Simple in the things that speak to me on a deeper level.  Simple in the things such as what I need to be happy.  They hardly ever believe me, especially if it’s a guy. LOL! SMH!  Finding your happiness means you enjoy doing those things with or without someone.  I have learned to enjoy my own company and do those things which make me happy.  I LOVE running, reading, writing, cooking, and talking on the phone.  I find peace and solace in each.  My lists of likes can go on forever but the things I love the most that bring me the most joy are my happies… (happy plural) LOL!

Find your happy and hold on to it.  Your happy should not depend on anyone else.  It’s YOUR happy! Rid yourself of joy snatchers.  Life is too short to be unhappy ALL the time.  I understand we will have our moments but they all should be temporary! One thing I have learned is life will continue to happen whether you are enjoying it or not.  You may as well enjoy it! Be so simple that you are complicated.  Be you! Be happy! 🙂

Be happy


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