Running…My Sanity! Two days, two races!

This past weekend was totally AWESOME! Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE RUNNING! So, imagine my excitement as I prepped for two days of running.  Of course, I’ve run two days in a row before but running is totally different when you are running  a race.  The adrenaline and excitement do not compare to your regular running days.  The entire week before the race I was sick.  I don’t know what was wrong but I was not myself.  Race day I still felt a little sick to my stomach and I had a headache BUT it was race time.

I ran the Diva Half Marathon on Saturday.  It was adventurous.  The shuttle taking us the wrong way.  Portable potties <– they make me sad. Heat, hill, humidity, and headache! The course was not my favorite.  It was a tad bit warm but I survived with my slowest half marathon time yet.  It was just a hard race and I finished with a 2:25 time.  I enjoyed the goodies at the finish line though. 🙂 And I wore a freaking tutu! It was too cute! LOL! I enjoyed dressing up for the race! On Sunday, I ran the Black Girls Run! Sweat with your Sole 5K!  It was a much easier run than Saturday and I was faster.  Actually, I was faster than I expected but not my fastest time.  After the race, I stood at the finish line and it was a lot of emotional things happening. Happy emotional things though! 🙂

What I learned?

~Proper nutrition is very important.  My body was tired and not 100%.

~Running is very mental.  Positive thoughts make a BIG difference.

~I’m a medal junkie! I was thrilled that I received two medals in two days! 🙂

~I’m stronger than I give myself credit for… I can’t wait to have another weekend of double fun!

~A good support system makes the biggest difference.

~I need to train harder to get faster and stronger!

SWYS5KDiva half


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